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Your Online Black Friday Shopping Questions Answered!


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Update: As you can see, the Online Black Friday Sales sub-forum is open. This thread can now be used for any online BF questions you may have.


It's that time during the BF season where we start getting questions about the various online Black Friday sales.

Rest assured, as we do every year we will cover all the major online sales here on the site so you won't miss a thing.

Later this week we'll launch our popular online Black Friday tracker. This is a single page which has a schedule of when all the online BF sales will (hopefully) start including dates & times. We'll also let you know about any coupon codes to use to make the sale even better as well as free shipping info for that site.

We wait to launch the tracker because we're still gathering information and some sites won't let us know details about their sale until closer to BF. A lot of the ads will say "shop online Thanksgiving Day" with no time for the sale to start. We work on getting that missing info which is why the tracker takes time to load up with info.

Once the sales start, the tracker page will also have links to lists of all the ad items that are currently available online at the BF prices from many of the top stores. These lists are updated constantly by a small army of volunteers (which I'll be asking for in the next day or two).

At the same time the tracker launches, we'll also create and open up a special Online Black Friday Shopping sub-forum here on the message boards. That forum will have a thread for each of the top 20 or so online sales. In these threads you can discuss the sale, post when the prices change, whine when they don't change on time, post the deals you've found, etc.

As each sale starts, we'll also post updates on the BF site, on our main year-round GD homepage, on Twitter, on Facebook and we'll send out email alerts for the biggest stores as soon as they go live.

Here is an article we posted last year with some Online BF tips & tricks: http://blackfriday.gottadeal.com/Article/OnlineTips

We haven't updated it yet for this year so some links might not work yet and some of the store-specific info may have changed, but it still has some useful information that hasn't changed.

In the meantime, if you have any other questions about online BF shopping, you can post them in here and someone will help you out [ :)]

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Looks like we'll be able to launch the Online Tracker and companion sub-forum during the day tomorrow, just in time for Amazon's sale which starts late tomorrow night.


We don't have info for many of the online-only retailers yet because they haven't sent anything, but we've got a decent start with a lot of sales added.

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