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Looking forward to Kohls Online BF Sale but...


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Same here!  I was trying to add some things to my Black Friday wish list so it would be easy to get them to my cart when the time comes but I could not log into my account for nothing.  I finally gave up and will try later this week.  

I haven't seen the wish list to use it this year either I liked it last year

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It won't even let me log in to my account. Would I be able to place an order by phone if I'm still having this problem during the sale?



Yes, but good luck actually getting through to someone in a timely fashion, because you and 1,000,000 other people will be doing the same thing.  I would have to imagine they will get all the glitches worked out by then.  We're still about 2 weeks away.


The site doesn't appear to be set up for BF, yet. I'd give it til the end of the week and make your list this weekend.  FWIW, I was able to log in just fine tonight.

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