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Kroger Banquet Pot Pies


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Pot Pies (I believe the same brand) are at Food 4 Less for only .40. I bought a bunch for my husband's lunches as he likes them

Even though these are .43, when you buy 6 you get a catalina for 1.00 off your next order. So .03 x 6 = .18 cheaper, but once you add the catalina....you see where I'm going :)
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10 for $4 is $.40. -.55 and $1.00 = $2.45 or .25 cents each.

It's even better than that :) It's 10/$4 -2(.55) and $1 or 1.90 or .19 cents each ;)


the coupon is .55 off of 5 :D I got 10 more today!! (we eat 6 per meal and my son eats 1 or 2 for an after school snack)

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