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Fun and Easy Living in Spain Made Possible by a Reliable Ebook!


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Living in Spain is an ebook that offers a ton of tips for how to survive and thrive in Spain.  Whether or not you know Spanish, your time spent in Spain can be either frustrating or fulfilling.  If you read this e-book before you go, you can avoid a lot of common mistakes made by people living in an unknown country for the first time.





This is definitely an eye opening book.  It answers some common questions that you might take for granted when living in the U.S. Questions and concerns addressed include:


• Travel- What paper work do I need to live in Spain? What are travel accessories women would need most? How about first-timer women's travel clothes?


• Work – What paper work do I need from the government? Where can I work?  How do I pay taxes? Who do I pay taxes to?


• Health care- Does Spain have good doctors?  How do I pay for care?


 • Property ownership -  Can I buy property?  What are the legalities of my purchase?


•Schools - Does Spain have good schools? Are there English speaking schools?


• Weather – best cities to live in for the best weather.


• Moving in - Setting up Utilities


•Money- Banking, taxes, cost of living


•Daily Life- buying food at the market, communicating with local people


This e-book is essential if you are planning to move to Spain. Not only will it answer the questions on your mind, but it will answer questions you have never thought to ask.  Living in one country all of your life makes you think that the way it is done here is the “right way” or even the “only way.”  But the truth is there are “many ways.”  This guide opens your eyes to the way it is done in Spain.


If your company is moving you to Spain or you decided to go on your own, this guide will help you get situated.  I love the check list bonus book.  Being in a foreign country is a little overwhelming, having a check list really helps to get life organized so that you can create your own home.



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