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DEEEEEEP pocket king sheets

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Hi gottadeal people. I've been lurking the forums for months now but I've just started posting.


I have a tough situation with my bed. A year ago I found a great deal on a top of the line Sealy king size and bought it. My wife and I have found only 1 set of sheets so far the will fit it and that was a discontinued set at the bottom of a clearance rack/pile. The mattress measures 21.5" thick and most sheets labelled as "deep pocket" or "extra deep pocket" fit mattresses up to 18" thick. That's all fine and good, but it leaves us with 1 set of sheets. I've found some sheets online and in stores (linens and things, BBB) that will fit up to 20" or 21" for around $150 but even then, it's a stretch and they sometimes come loose. Maybe I'm cheap but that just sounds a bit steep. Anyone have any ideas of places to look online or brick and mortar?


Thanks in advance for any help.



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here in jersey we have marburn curtain outlet.the have singles of king,queen,all of it for like 7 dollars a sheet.if your wife is looking for something to do she could really make a good one.i thought of making some once but i never did get around to it
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We've got the same problem with the Queen mattress set we just bought. Neither our 18" or 20" deep sheets will stay put. I've been trying to find some for 24" that are under $100 or better quality then 300 thread count. It would be hard giving up our 600/800 thread count sheets just for some that don't slip. Anyone know where to find any????
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Have you tried Northern Nights brand by QVC? They have very, very deep

pockets and thats one of their trademarks. They are the best sheets I

have ever had. They accomodate pillow top mattresses with a down

cover on it etc. Good Luck



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