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How do i rename a link


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When i add a link for someone to click on i usually cut and paste the link into the thread, but i want to know how everyone is renaming the links? Like someone will put clickhere and it takes you to the link. Am i making any since here? I am confusing myself just trying to explain what i want to do. Anyways, if anyone understands what i am talking about, let me know how to do it. TIA Missy
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Is this what you mean?:



If so, this is how I do it.


1) I type what ever I want to call the link, in this instance I called it 'CHECK OUT THIS THREAD!'

2) Then I copy the link of the page I am gonna link

3) Then I highlight my words that are in step 1

4) Then I click on the Blue Earth w/the chain at the bottom that brings up a box to enter my URL link. I paste it there, and hit enter.



HTH, if it doesn't make much sense, just ask me either via this thread or via PM as I do this alot!

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cool i got it now. Thank you both for helping me on this. I have been trying to figure this out for a while. Thanks again.


Not a problem! That is what friends are for. http://fs5.deviantart.com/i/2004/298/4/9/_safety__by_Spookeriffic.gif

Glad you got it too work!

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