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Target Clearance UPDATED with 10% off coupon code!


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:woot2: I found the deals below on "The Bargainomics Lady". You can find codes for 10% off on this forum. They worked on my order earlier this morning. Be careful, however, and watch the postage. Alot of the large items have to be shipped seperately and cost extra postage. www.Target.com has some pretty impressive clearance items right now.

Simply go to www.Target.com and type the word CLEARANCE into the search

blank. You’ll find some deals as good as 90% off!


A couple of examples:


A large decorative terra cotta and white bowl for only $1.69 – that’s

90% off!



A nice wall clock for $1.69, another 90% deal:



A blue ceramic decorative bowl for 90% off at only $2.99:



A beautiful still life design platter for 90% off at $5.49:



An attractive ceramic vase for 90% off at $1.29:



A balloon vase at 90% off for just $1.99:



This good-looking winter pine and berry urn arrangement is 90% off at

only $2.99:



I found several purses like this Cherokee for 75% off:



Of course, all of these are selling out quickly, so if you see

something you like, order it NOW!!!!


Updated thread title - RossMAN

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I thought the prices were great, too - until I checked shipping. I wrote them a quick email about it and following is their reply. They stand by their shipping prices and the reasons are ridiculous - not many other 'mail-order' online places have to charge that much for the SAME service. Anyway, just thought you all may find it interesting!


Greetings from Target.com.


Thanks for sharing your comments about our shipping prices Brandi.


Shipping costs are an inherent feature in any mail-order service, and

we share your concerns that shipping costs may represent a large

percentage of the overall price of an item.


The shipping charges applied to each order reflect the cost of

assembling items and safely packaging each order, in addition to the

cost of delivery.


For a complete description of our shipping options and policies,

click on the "Help" link at the top right corner of our home page.


We appreciate the time you took to share your comments. Feedback

like yours helps us continue to improve the selection and service we

provide to all of our guests.


Thanks for your e-mail. I hope you will visit us again soon.


Best regards,




Target.com Guest Service


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I love shopping at my local target, but hate buying from them online because of their shipping costs. I found the answer to Brandi's email saying that shipping costs "reflect the cost of assembling items and safely packaging each order" funny since the one time I did buy from them online (a hamper that matched my ds' nursery that they did not carry in store), the item had to be sent back twice since it was broken. Both times they put the hamper in a box with no packing material - no wonder it never made it to me in one piece! I finally gave up.
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