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polaroid camera/target


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At my target in Tulsa, there was a Polaroid Digital Camera 3.2 for $40. It was marked down from $80. I found it at the end of an isle in the electronics department (clearance section). I thought that seemed like a great deal to me. There were a few left too.

I purchased one of those last night and it's not even really worth the $40.00, I'm returning it today

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My target has a Vivitar 5MP camera with 2xoptical zoom (sorry didn't get the model #) for $49.99. It's in the display case, but has clearance tags. I thought about getting one for my mom, but decided to wait a few months (her birthday is in June) and see what else comes down.
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I bought the Polaroid 3.2 MP camera from Target 2 days ago and I am

quite pleased with it. It takes videos with sound, regular AAA batteries

and I thought the pics came out clear and the software was a breeze

to use. For $40, I think I got a great deal.



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thanks ! i ended up getting the Polaroid 3.2 i also thought for 40 dollars how bad could it be. it is just for me so if i do something to wreck it i won't be out much

I did buy one of those a few days ago and there was a black line thru the picture so I took it back but there were none left for me to exchange it with.


Did you buy the memory card yet? If so how much did you pay for it?



Also if you don't have a card how many pictures does the camera hold? (polaroid 3.2 and/or the $88 one `sorry couldn't think of it)

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