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cheap, digital camera

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Hi. I am looking for a relatively cheap digital camera. I would like between 3 and 5 megapixal range. Zoom is not important.


The most important thing is ...that the flash only flash ONCE. My digital camera now is only a 2.1 MP, which is okay, but it takes THREE flashes to get one picture. By then, the shot is gone! This really ticks me off! I consider this alone to make my "okay" camera downgraded to "a piece of s***". Can anyone help me?


I just need something to last for a little less than a year. I am planning to go all out on a high-end digital camera in the fall. But I need something to last through then at least.


Please help.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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I just bought a polaroid 3.2MP digital camera at Target on clearance

for $39.99..includes software, case etc. It works pretty well too.

It even has the ability to record video clips with sound. My local

Target had many of them, they come packaged in the plastic case

(not the ones that they sell behind the counter) and were in with

the film cameras.


Hope this helps...maybe they even have them at Target.com?

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