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Help needed for Black Friday week (online checkers)


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As those of you who've been around for past years know, during the week of Black Friday we have our popular online Black Friday tracker where we have a schedule of online sales, as well as a listing of all the Black Friday ad items that can be ordered online at the Black Friday ad prices at any given point in time.

Unfortunately those listings don't update themselves (believe me, we've tried, but our robots aren't reliable enough yet), so we always use a small army of forum members who will have free time during the week to update these items and help everyone out.

So this is a call for those helpers. If you are selected to help, you'll be assigned one or more stores that we have a Black Friday ad for and it will be your responsibility to check each item we have linked on the site and check a box if that item is in stock and available online at the sale price (or less).

Not much experience needed - you need to know how to click a link to a product, verify the price and availability, and check or uncheck a box for that item, and then repeat for the entire ad for whatever store(s) you are assigned. You'll be on your own schedule and can check whenever you have free time. We have a private forum where we keep track of everything.

You should be available to help from Tuesday night through Friday morning, depending on your store(s). If you can help most but not all of those days, let me know and we can match you up with someone else to team up on those stores.

As always, anyone who helps out will be rewarded for their help, likely with an Amazon gift card. You'll also be helping out the huge number of shoppers who will visit the site the week of Black Friday.

So if you are interested, please send me a PM and let me know your general availability for those days and I'll let you know if we could use you to to help out and give you instructions and your assigned stores.

Thanks :D

And for those of you who can't help with this task but still want to help us, feel free to spread the word about the Black Friday site to everyone you know. Thanks :)

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