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Regarding PDFs and Ad Item Listings...


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Hey everyone,


Thought I'd post this so we don't get as many questions about these things.


First, PDFs: we're still going to post PDFs for pretty much all the ads as we always have done. However on those crazy days where the ads are getting leaked one after another, it may take a few hours or even a day to catch up with creating and posting all the PDFs. We'll eventually get them posted, but our first priority is posting the ads on the BF site.


We also may begin making the PDFs available only to registered forum members, so if you're lurking, you'd better register for a forum account now if you're interested in downloading the PDFs.


Next, ad item listings: as we've done in the last, we'll type up the item listings for most of the ads. There will be some smaller and regional stores where we just don't have the time to type them up when the ad leaks (especially for very large ads). If we're able to, we'll add them later on when things calm down but no guarantees.


Also, when I post the thread for a new ad, there may be a link to the item listing that has not been added yet or is in progress. Rest assured, if I include a link to the listing, we plan on having that ad typed up at some point soon.

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