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Black Friday t-shirt updates


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Some updates on the BF shirts:

1. For the t-shirts, we're placing the order with the printer this week, so now that we have final numbers, we are limiting the number of each size that are available to order. So when you go to the ordering page, if a certain size is sold out, it will let you know during checkout. So if you are thinking of ordering, do it now before your sizes run out. Right now we have at least a couple of every size available with more for the more common sizes.

2. We're still saving shirts for giveaways so those will continue over the next 2-3 weeks but those will only be for sizes S-XL, so if you need larger sizes, order now!

3. The Teespring campaign for hoodies and long-sleeve t-shirts ends this Wednesday, so get your order in for those ASAP as well.

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