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Kohls cash problem on Black Friday


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Ok.. we put threw 2 online orders ($90 kohls cash) this last black friday. The follow up orders stated we will be recieving kohls cash via email within 48 hrs. We never recieved email. Wife then called after 4 calls we had them honor it. Ok problem solved for us , but co worker went into kohls at kiosk to place order.. there kohls associate stated they wouldnt honor online kohls cash due to internal corporate email telling them not to... (apparently people were purchasing items in store at kiosk (while printing kohls cash at customer service) then going home and cancelling as soon as they got home, thus keeping kohls cash for free. Now kohls waited to do this on black friday? I find it rather disingenuous of them. anybody else out there having issues with recouping online kohls cash?.
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