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windows 8.1 tablet - no RT


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Not sure but check Dell's add. I think they make one and so does Toshiba and HP. Some of the BF sales ads might have them. Check, Staples, Dell, Radio Shack, Office Max/Depot and Best Buy. I think they are usually 2GB, but not sure about the USB.

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Thanks for the reply, bpr :gdbouquet1: .  I almost went with the Dell Venue since it had an adapter you could buy to use a full-sized usb, but changed my mind and went with Micro Center's TW801.  I chose it for the full-sized usb and 2 gb ram.  It's actually pretty zippy for a tablet under $200.  I am very happy with my purchase.  I use this usb hub with it and it's working great:








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