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Every once in awhile I will look down at the online list of users and I will see a * next time my name, this means I am invisible to everyone and they cant see that I am online, I have no reason to hide, so I log out and log back in and im showing in the list.


I dont want to hide, but yet every couple of days I visit and look and there I am invisible again. I Do not log out of this forum, Maybe it is something to do with the GD app that changes this? as I do use it often when I cant browse the forums in a broswer

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Looks like what is happening is that when the app (might just be Android version) checks for new notifications, it sets your account to be invisible, and since it checks every so often, even if you manually change it to not be invisible, the app will change it soon after.


Nothing I can do right now as the app is from Tapatalk and anyone who runs a similar IPBoard forum and uses a Tapatalk-created app is having the same issues, but at least we now know what the cause is.

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Looks like even turning off notifications doesn't help. I made myself un-anonymous and haven't even opened the app since and it shows me as anonymous, so we'll just have to deal with it until Tapatalk finds another way to do notifications without logging you in anonymously. I'm guessing if you completely uninstall the app your status would "stick" so that's an option too. We have a mobile version of the forum too which is another option if you don't want the app making you anonymous.


Luckily nothing should change as far as how you use the forum. We don't have any restrictions on anonymous users or anything like that so other than the status, there's no difference.

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