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Walmart Black Friday Ad Posted


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i Think you need to do your research like i did and 3 inches isnt much difference compared to resolution 1080p over 720p is a HUGE difference


and IF you bothered to read the ad, it says right on the TV its 720p


also its not that hard to look at WM website and find a TV that is not available to buy right now that is listed at $168 price tag



I'm sorry Riven, but I've done plenty of research, thanks.

I know the difference between 720P and 1080P quite well. 


Whereas your "research" is actually some clever detective work and a bit of guessing, here's some real research:

  • At the screen sizes we're talking about here, the human eye (with 20/20 vision) cannot even begin to tell the difference between 1080P and 720P unless they're sitting closer than 6-7ft away from the TV.  And technically, you'd need to be sitting just a touch over 4ft away to really be able to see the benefit of a 1080P TV.  This is science.  Do you sit 4ft away from your TV?
  • At the screen sizes we're talking about here, the human eye CAN very easily tell the difference between a 32" screen and a 29" screen.  The difference in screen area between a 32" screen and a 29" screen, assuming a normal 16:9 aspect ratio on both, is actually more than 20%.  Meaning the 32" TV has more than 20% more screen area than the 29" screen.  (A 29" screen is 14.2 x 25.23 = 358.3 in^2 while the 32" screen is 15.7 x 27.9 = 438 in^2.  358.3 + 22% = @438).  This again, is science.
  • There is NO broadcast material in 1080P, nor is there likely to ever be.  This is the state of things as they really are.  The only native 1080P material available is on some (but not all) BluRay disks and some video games.  All other broadcast material is either 720P (ABC, ESPN, FOX, etc.) or 1080i (NBC, CBS, etc.) and is sometimes "upscaled" at either your cable box or TV and the quality of that depends on the scaler used.  This can vary.

While your guesswork might in fact be correct for some, maybe even a majority of cases, the ad itself specifically warns that "Brands may vary by store".  You might have seen that if you had "bothered to read the ad" I suppose...  ;)


So sit back and chill a moment Riven.  I didn't call you or your mom any names.  But I am interjecting real, researched, qualified and valid information to the conversation.  You are welcome to disagree and present opposing opinions or provide additional evidence to qualify your position.  But getting all huffy about it doesn't actually help the conversation.


Maybe it's worth saving $20 to you to give up 20% in screen size.  That's a valid opinion.

Maybe you sit 4ft away from your TV.  It's possible.

But the best advice (to anyone still reading this) is to go and lay your own eyes on the TVs and do your best to view them from the distance you'd actually do so from in your own home.  The quality of the screens can vary a great deal from one manufacturer to another and even one line to another in the same manufacturer's catalog.  And that variance can have a much larger impact on viewing pleasure than the marketing media driven 720P vs. 1080P argument.


(big theatrical sigh for effect)


Oh, one more thing.  When I looked on Walmart's website.  I found 5 different 32" LCD's listed for $169 (none for $168 as the ad would suggest).  One of them reportedly has 3 HDMI ports, the others reportedly have 2 HDMI ports.  This is one of those not very hard research type things, right?  :g_thumbri

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I'm sorry Riven, but I've done plenty of research, thanks.

go get a clue will you its people like you that make others...


im just going to leave it like that now go away before i start..


man no freaking clue at all do you geesh


your advice is trash so best to just shut your mouth next time


and NOPE you have not done crap for research as your long ramble has just proven


for research here is the FACTS



But the real advantage of the 1080p is in watching HD DVD and Blu-ray discs. These digital discs are formatted in 1080p and studio movies on this media played on the 1080p HDTV are astounding. A 720p set that will accept a Blu-Ray signal must downconvert these formats to lesser resolutions, robbing the viewer of the true Blu-ray / HD DVD experience. The 1080p is also a preferable set for gamers who intend to connect a PC, XBox™ or PlayStation™.

now why would i want a lesser TV for what I would be using more often every day what a HDTV is meant for so take your crappy more expensive 720p elsewhere please the rest of us who know the difference will buy the better TV



Edit just saw your Edit


you didnt look to hard




as I didnt have to go far down the page of 32" Tv's

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Yep, no clue.

Apparently my use of many words confused or angered you.  Sorry.  I'll try to keep this short.

You can picture me patting you politely on the head if that helps.


I guess we'll agree to disagree then.

On you hand, you've reproduced a very fine bit of marketing media designed to sell more 1080P with no actual science.  [sarcasm]That's some nice research there.[/sarcasm]


On the other, I've used science and physics.

Here's some references for the truly interested.  Or you can be sheep, eat up the hype like good little boys and girls and overspend like the manufacturers want you to.  Your choice.

 - http://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/720p-vs-1080p-can-you-tell-the-difference-between-hdtv-resolutions/

 - http://carltonbale.com/1080p-does-matter/

 - http://gamerblurbs.com/2014/05/12/the-truth-about-1080p-vs-720p/


I'll leave it to the readers to decide.

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I will be doing more online ordering this year ... in the past I have only order an item here or there but with these earlier openings makes it impossible for me to be at the store when the sale starts. With that said ....are the major door buster deals like the ipads available online or are they strickly an in store sale? Thanks

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