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Magazines for parents & kids: Nick Jr-$3/yr, ELLE Girl $2.50/yr, Child $2.97/yr, etc.


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Hey all, I thought I'd post a bunch of kids/parents magazines this time. Hope you guys find something you like. As always, I recommend going for the longest subscription term, since these prices may be higher at renewal time...




Nick Jr Magazine provides its readers with fun and entertainment. There are projects, activities and stories for kids ages 2-6, and insightful tips for their parents. Kids will love to see the characters they have come to love from t.v., like Dora, Blue, and Jimmy Neutron. Parents will appreciate that Nick Jr. provides the latest information on child development, news and family products and the simplest creative activities and ideas for spending time as a family. Nick Jr. Magazine Subscription: 15 issues per year.

Get 15 issues for $3.00 ($0.20 per issue)

Get 30 issues for $5.99 ($0.20 per issue)

Get 45 issues for $8.99 ($0.20 per issue)





ELLE Girl Magazine has a sparkling international flair,and features fashion ideas to help girls look and feel absolutely fabulous, lots of do-it-yourself ideas, and other fun stuff for girls. ELLE girl is witty and smart, and always ahead of the trend. Readers of ELLE Girl are the first to know about the season's best and most affordable clothes, the newest colors in makeup, and the latest news on the coolest people, places, and things. Now Available for Delivery WorldWide! 10 Issues per year. Save 50%!

Get 10 issues for $2.50 ($0.25 per issue)

Get 20 issues for $3.75 ($0.19 per issue)





The essential guide for parents, Child Magazine presents useful advice from experts and experienced parents on raising and educating children from birth to the age of 12. Child covers such areas as nutrition, health, behavior, education, and socialization. You'll also read about the latest products and services to help parents with child rearing. Child Magazine includes adorable photos and is simply a must for any parent.

Get 10 issues for $2.97 ($0.30 per issue)

Get 30 issues for $7.17 ($0.24 per issue)





Working Mother Magazine is the essential tool for mothers who have made the decision to raise families while continuing to pursue their careers. Working Mother Magazine offers intensely personal stories about real women and innovative solutions for busy parents who want to raise happy healthy and loving children. Go beyond merely balancing the demands of work and home life to integrating all the aspects of your life in a meaningful way. Yes, there are plenty of magazines for parents, but only one that appreciates all that you do-and inspires you to be more of who you are!

Get 9 issues for $2.97 ($0.33 per issue)

Get 18 issues for $4.78 ($0.27 per issue)





FamilyFun magazine, which launched in 1991, is published ten times a year by Disney Publishing Worldwide and has a circulation of 1.75 million readers. FamilyFun magazine is the country's number one family magazine, is about all the great things families can do together. We are the family experts on travel, food, crafts, parties, holidays, games, activities, and products--all the essentials that enrich the important time parents and children share. FamilyFun magazine's Toy of the Year (T.O.Y.) Awards, announced each year in our November issue, has created an industry standard for child-testing products. Family Fun's goal is for parents to enhance the time spent with their children. A typical issue explores learning activities, vacation planning, travel tips, and reviews of children's books, videos, and music.

Get 10 issues for $1.49 ($0.15 per issue)

Get 30 issues for $4.85 ($0.16 per issue)


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