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Nike + GPS watch deals?


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Yes they will go on sale.  In fact Amazon is running specials Gold Box and Lightning Deal specials on various Garmin's.  FYI - I think Garmin is the very best brand to look at and is an industry leader.  Their Connect website is fabulous and they have apps for your Android and Iphones for on the go downloading of data.


I own a Forerunner 220 and love it.  The Forerunner 10 is actually going to be a very good deal this holiday because MRP has been taken off - but they are phasing out that version and the FR15 will be the go to watch after the end of this year, FYI.


The Vivofit and Vivosmart are the activity tracker bands and they are in a word...... AWESOME.  They will also pair with a heart rate monitor.


Love Garmin if you can't tell :)

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