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50% and up off clearance prices @ Hottopic.com (punk style clothing) t's as low as $4


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(for those that don't know what type of clothing this is - It is PUNK style clothing



Time to save some :gd_dollar :gd_dollar :gd_dollar :gd_dollar


their clearance is now 50% & more off, mens/women/accessories/shoes. Most items are now $5-$10 dollars! $50 dollar sweats/jackets are now about $8 dollars, $25 dollar tops are about $6. And they do have larger sizes like 2XL & 3XL besides the S/M/L sizes.

Some things they have on clearance: (there is WAY too many things to list them all, there is 88 pages chalked full of clearance items, most under $10.


Lil' Punk Blocks Toddler T-Shirt

was $22.00 now $2.49

T-shirts starting at $3.99

Los Angeles Dirty South T-Shirt

was $16.00 now $3.99


Thongs & GStrings $1.99 for females

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thanks, my sis loves batman stuff and there are three tees for $4.49, hmm wondering if there are any free shipping codes :)

Hunting/Sleuthing now, will update if I do/don't find any. FYI



I looked at over 15 different sites.

No codes

(thanks fairydustcrissy for checking on the one I thought would work)

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My oldest dd and I were at the mall yesterday and one store we went into was Hot Topic.

I just kinda wanted to personally see their items and also compare them to her to see if they would fit.

They did! Well the size Extra Small on the tshirts did. She is 10, almost 11, and extremely petite. So those that may be looking for a preteen there clothes will fit most likely!


Oh, and you are all more than welcome.

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