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Dell Laptops

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What's the best deal on a Dell laptop right now? I'm looking for a family member. They are in the $500-$1000 price range.



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Click here

Click Hot Offers --> Notebooks

Underneath InspironTM 6000 click $779 Customize It


You may be tempted to order the Dell Inspiron 1300 for $549 which is $230 cheaper but that's a bad idea.


Here's what you get for your extra $230:


A better laptop.

Pentium-M CPU vs Celeron, this is a no brainer.

512MB RAM vs 256MB

FREE 8x DVD Burner (which 1300 also offers)

FREE ATI MOBILITY™ RADEON® X300 dedicated video card vs integrated

1 year warranty vs 90 days

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Quick question. What are the differences between the Inspiron 6000 series and the XPS M140 Series? I see in another thread that you mentioned the XPS M140 would be your next laptop.
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Oooh the XPS M140 is a beautiful laptop.


Size/weight, 14.1" WXGA vs 15.4" WXGA is a huge difference

XPS support is supposedly better than Inspiron series

XPS M140 with 9 cell battery gives you around 7.5 hours battery life


I do prefer the 6000's WSXGA+ display which is beautiful. On the M140 you can't choose another resolution, you're stuck with one.


Dell XPS M140 for $949


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