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Aldi's great deals on toys! YMMV


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I went to my local Aldi's today and they had some great deals on toys. I don't know if all of the Aldi's will have these or not, but I got...


1. Polly Pocket Adorable Storable Cruisin Closet Carrycase $6.99 - Walmart's regular price is $24.83

2. Fisher Price Dress and Dance Dora $7.99 - Walmart's regular price is $24.88

3. Fisher-Price Read With Me DVD System with "Where The Wild Things Are" - $9.99 - Walmart's regular price is $34.73

4. Disney Princess Twinkle Lights Cinderella Doll $4.99 - Walmart's regular price is $19.99


Total altogether I paid was $29.96 for $104.43 worth of toys. I was VERY happy with my find!

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