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Free 17" CRT monitor AR @ Staples B&M YMMV


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Credit to Kwad Guy on another forum.

Staples has the HP MX-705 17" CRT flat screen monitor with speakers for $49.50. There is a $50 rebate that prints out when you buy it (the wording on the rebate form is conflicting, but bottom line is that you can get the rebate just by buying the monitor...)


SKU is 604235. Not available online.


Here's some information on the monitor including a picture. Please note this a flat screen CRT and not a flat panel LCD.


Considering it's free AR (after rebate) you really can't argue with that.


This is only for reference, ignore the price.




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Right, but I can normally use the pickup option and get the price. I was just wondering if that was not the case or there was some code like we had to use for Staples. I could use a spare monitor, but it's such a hassle getting out with both the baby and me being sick. I just didnt want to rush out there and it not be $49.99.
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