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New Year's Resolution? Fitness Magazines for Cheap!!! Men's Fitness $1.40/yr., etc.!


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Hey, all... It's New Year's Resolution time... If your resolution is to lose weight/get more fit, here are some magazines that may help. I recommend locking in your selection(s) for the longest term that makes sense financially, since these offers/prices may not be repeated...




Men's Fitness Magazine will help you get the most out of your workouts, and guide you to eating the right foods for your fitness goals. Get healthy, get fit and improve the overall quality of your life. Published by Joe Weider, the trainer of champions, Men's Fitness features consistently concise and expert articles that will help achieve complete physical and mental well-being, and just be a regular part of your exercise routine! Now Available for Delivery WorldWide! 10 Issues per year. Save 62%!


Get 12 issues for $1.40 ($0.12 per issue)

Get 20 issues for $2.99 ($0.15 per issue)

Get 30 issues for $4.49 ($0.15 per issue)

Get 36 issues for $4.91 ($0.14 per issue)





Body & Soul magazine brings you balanced living in a busy world! Every issue inspires you to live a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life. You'll learn more about complementary and alternative health, including how to safely and effectively combine the best of Western medicine and natural healing in order to stay well. You'll also find information and inspiration on topics that touch your soul -- meditation, spirituality, and living a more meaningful life -- discover the tools you need to stay connected with your deeper self, as well as with family, friends, and colleagues, and be delighted by the balanced nutritional news and delicious recipes. Every topic in Body & Soul, from work and money issues to exploring the best types of massage, is presented in a balanced, holistic way to help you find a more connected, joyful way of living. Balance the needs of your body and your soul with this trusted resource you can turn to for ideas, information and advice. Positive change starts here!


Get 8 issues for $3.94 ($0.49 per issue)

Get 16 issues for $7.12 ($0.45 per issue)





Best Life Magazine is the only men's magazine that addresses family, health, career fulfillment, as well as balancing work and play. Each issue of Men's Health Best Life is loaded with smart tips, advice, and cutting-edge information on the topics that matter most to the savvy and sophisticated men in their prime who want to live life to the absolute fullest. BestLife is for men that recognize that life is better because you know more, not just because you have more. Now Available for Delivery WorldWide! 10 Issues per year. Save 60%!


Get 10 issues for $3.00 ($0.30 per issue)





Fitness is the magazine devoted to your total well-being -- mind, body and spirit. Every issue gives you an inspiring, balanced approach to looking and feeling your best, from exclusive exercise programs that get real results to expert advice about sensible weight loss. Fitness features the latest news about protecting your health, reducing stress, eating for energy, along with the best of beauty, fashion, travel, fast low-fat recipes and more. Reach your personal goals now with this terrific magazine.


Get 12 issues for $4.89 ($0.41 per issue)

Get 24 issues for $12.57 ($0.52 per issue)





Mens Health magazine means fitness minus the abrasive macho techniques. Why is it that men of all ages and backgrounds have turned to Men's Health magazine for years? Is it the quality of writing? The coverage of important issues pertinent to men? The tips on health and fitness? Arguably, it is the combination of all these qualities which has raised Men's Health magazine to a level on its own. Mens Health Magazine Subscription: 10 issues per year.


Get 10 issues for $5.06 ($0.51 per issue)

Get 30 issues for $21.10 ($0.70 per issue)

Get 40 issues for $26.90 ($0.67 per issue)





Women's Health Magazine is a fresh, smart, informative and inspiring lifestyle magazine that speaks to today's active, youthful women in a way that is passionate, authoritative and relevant to modern living. Rooted in health and fitness, Women's Health is a unique lifestyle publication written for women who want to do more, have more, and be more. Providing actionable and practical advice, Women's Health encourages a holistic approach to health - physical, emotional, and mental - and living a rich, fulfilling life. Available for Delivery to US Addresses Only at this time. 10 Issues per year. Save 62%!


Get 10 issues for $3.99 ($0.40 per issue)

Get 20 issues for $11.00 ($0.55 per issue)





Muscle & Fitness is your guide to getting a bigger, better body. Get ripped with killer workouts. Stay lean while adding muscle. Avoid beginner's mistakes. Only Muscle & Fitness brings you the 13 best workouts to blast every muscle in your body, the secret 1,000-calorie workout the pros use and the 7 best new fat burners you won't hear about anywhere else. Plus, every issue of Muscle & Fitness is packed with training techniques, nutrition plans, supplement advice and so much more. Muscle & Fitness is your ultimate personal trainer!


Get 12 issues for $3.89 ($0.32 per issue)

Get 24 issues for $7.51 ($0.31 per issue)

Get 36 issues for $11.01 ($0.31 per issue)





Shape Magazine is the most trusted name in women's health and fitness magazines. From diet and exercise to psychology and health, Shape presents only scientifically sound and research based articles. Readers can feel certain that they are getting the most current and reliable information with every issue. Shape also recognizes that fitness is much more than simply shaping a better body; it is creating a better life. Each issue offers a wide range of tools designed to help the reader become healthier, more energetic, confident and motivated, and less stressed. Beauty and fashion features offer women dynamic new ways to feel good about themselves, inside and out. Shape Magazine Subscription: 12 Issues per year


Get 12 issues for $2.48 ($0.21 per issue)

Get 24 issues for $4.84 ($0.20 per issue)

Get 36 issues for $6.40 ($0.18 per issue)


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Has anyone ever ordered magazines from this company? There are several I would like to order. But not sure yet... :insane:

I have ordered The Week, Car & Driver, Maximum PC, Mobile PC, Computer Shopper.


My wife gets InStyle, Fitness, Shape, OK!, Lucky, Domino, Women's World, and First for Women.


All have been ordered (and renewed when the time comes) for less than the individual magazine offered directly.


If you notice, 99% of the places that www.magazinepricesearch.com refers to are Yahoo Small Business Web sites. That being said, if they tried any funny business with your credit card or pricing, that they'd be risking losing their Web site and merchant account with Yahoo, in addition to having to deal with your credit card company's fraud dept. And, you could also complain to www.magazinepricesearch.com...


These prices/companies are legit. This is probably the 5th thread I've started with magazine prices obtainted through www.magazinesearch.com and no one has EVER had a negative comment (nothing like "I ordered such-and-such magazine from a link off of magazinepricesearch.com and never received it... or they went and had a party using my credit card numbers).


If fraud is a concern, Discover Card and a few Visa/MasterCards offer one-time-use credit card numbers.

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