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The Wonder Years DVD has not been released yet but it is in the works.


Wonder Years, The - Wonder-ful DVDs 'on the schedule', Fox says!

Posted by David Lambert 2/20/2005


(Note: sung to the tune of " With A Little Help From My Friends" , and with apologies to Joe Cocker, as well as to The Beatles):


What would you do, if I subbed out your tunes?

Would you give up, boycott these DVDs?

Lend me your ears, I've got good news for you,

Fox will try not to screw up this thing!



That's just our fun way of bringing up what ought to be good news! The new edition (2/25/2005) of Entertainment Weekly magazine has a story about The Wonder Years, in their semi-regular feature about television shows that ought to be on DVD, but aren't yet.


TVShowsOnDVD doesn't usually cover topics mentioned in their column, because it normally involves some wishful thinking rather than any actual plans. And much of the time any "plans" mentioned are something along the lines of "the studio is mulling a release of this item in the coming year" (nothing set in stone, in other words). But this time the word is a bit different.


This issue of Entertainment Weekly quotes Fox Home Entertainment's Senior Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Mr. Steve Feldstein, as saying "We've got it on the schedule, but there are hurdles to clear prior to a firm release date."


"On the schedule" sounds pretty good to us, how about you? In all likelihood, the "hurdles" would start with all the music licensing that would have to occur in order to present the show on DVD the same way it was originally broadcast. According to the EW story, that is precisely the way the people who were behind the production of The Wonder Years wants to see these episodes brought home. Us too, and we're sure we speak for most of you as well. It will be worth waiting a little bit longer (and even paying a little bit more, like with Freaks and Geeks) to get this the way it *should* be seen.


Fox, do us proud! Fans, stay tuned. We'll let you know of any developments that occur as time goes by.


In the meantime, if you want a neat little Wonder Years "reunion" of sorts, check out the newly released DVD of the animated series Justice League Unlimited. One episode on this disc, "Hawk & Dove", features the voice of Fred Savage ("Kevin Arnold") as Hawk/Hank Hall, and the voice of Jason Hervey ("Wayne Arnold") as Dove/Don Hall! And, to completely cool things out on the Wonder Years front for this disc, a separate episode features the superhero team temporarily getting the help of the evil sorcerous Morgaine Le Fey in the story "Kid Stuff". Le Fey is voiced by none other than Olivia d'Abo (who played older sister "Karen Arnold"). Groovy!


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