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Issues with Midnightbox ?

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I ordered to inexpensive headphones on Wednesday November 27, and here I sit xmas eve with nothing. I have checked tracking and it's only been updated once and so I sent them an email and they replied next day saying that it's coming from China and takes a while and should be here very soon, yada yada, well a week later and nothing! I sent another email today but haven't heard back from them.
I think I got the deal info from Gottadeal, but I couldn't find it now when I searched for it.... anyway wondered if anyone got what they ordered from this company. I'll never again order from china, I didn't read small print or I'd have not even attempted. Ridiculous to not get something in 4 weeks! (tomorrow it is exactly 4 weeks) It should have stated that somewhere on the order form.

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The average shipping time from China is 3 to 4 weeks.  I have ordered numerous times from China and the quickest ever shipping was 20 days. So it takes a while.  Plus they ship it snail mail.  Same as our media mail type of shipping. basically cheapest and slowest

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