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Sodastream $30 (approx) after Target gift-card & Sodastream mail-in rebate


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Follow link to Target.com through RetailMeNot by going here and using the link for $5 off $50 Sitewide



Add Sodastream for $79.99 with $20 gift card to cart



Use Target RedCard for an additional 5% off + Free shipping


Mail in rebate for $25 if purchased from an authorized retailer between Dec 6th - Dec 31st.




My deal:



-$ 5.00 RetailMeNot

-$ 3.75 RedCard Savings

Free Shipping

+ $4.46 WA Sales Tax



-$20 Target Gift-Card

-$25 Sodastream Mail-in Rebate


= $30.70 Final price after gift-card and rebate


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I was looking on Amazon to read reviews on these and noticed you can get a slightly better deal there...  but you can't get it in red.  They have the jet for $79.00 plus a $25 Amazon credit, it should still qualify for the $25 rebate (but not the 5% red card discount) and it is free shipping with Prime arriving on the 24th plus it has a free canister of CO2 deal worth $15.



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I called Sodastream this morning becasue I wanted to make sure I could use the rebate for my purchase, and they said Amazon is not an authorized dealer and the rebate will not work from a purchase there. They did confirm Target and Walmart are authorized retailers.


Here is the link to their authorized retailers


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Wow, you are really making this hard to resist! I keep thinking we don't need help drinking soda!


Maybe I can help.


Cost of flavoring = $5 (equivalent of 33 cans) = 15.2 cents per can

cost of CO2 exchange = $30 (for 130 liters worth of CO2) = 8.2 cents per can (33.8 ounces per liter *130 = 4394 ounces = .0007 per ounce = 8.4 per can)

23.4 cents per can = 5.62 per case or 2.81 per 12 pack.


Now, this might be cheaper than your coke and pepsi (unless you usually wait for the sales, Target likes the 4 12 packs for $10 deal on my Pepsi and Mtn Dew), but you aren't getting pepsi or coke. Wouldn't you probably consider this like off-brand?


This also doesn't count in the cost of the sodastream. Also, if you recycle your cans you probably get about 20 cents back per 12 pack there... And extra bottles for other family members. And a spare CO2 cartridge so you don't have to run to Target for a refill when it unexpectedly runs out (those are around $50 for an extra cartridge)


So the question to consider is: Can you find off-brand soda elsewhere for under $2.81 per 12 pack?


Don't get me wrong, thanks to the OP because this is a great deal on a Sodastream! I almost bought it when I saw this thread this morning! Haha. Started crunching some basic numbers though and uh-uh! I usually buy my soda on sale for $2.50 - $3 for Pepsi, and recycle, bringing it down to $2.30 - $2.80 per 12 packs. I would rather have my Pepsi and Mtn Dew :)


So if cost is your primary incentive, no deal. Still could be good for others that like the convenience of having it around. All a matter of preference and what your incentive for buying it is.

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So I haven't received my sodastream from Amazon yet, ordered with Prime. I went to return it because it doesn't qualify for rebate. I looked at marking it as a return on Amazon and they said it can't be returned because it contains flammable liquid or gas. Can I refuse shipment and get a refund?
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