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Trouble using $10 Walmart egift card from the Pricing Error Fiasco...

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Has anyone been able to use their $10 egift card from Walmart from the Pricing Error thing a few weeks ago? i have tried twice to order online and both times they cancel my order and refund the 'card'!! They accept it and go thru the order process then I get a email saying there was a payment error and cancel my order!!!!

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I have had it with Walmart. I tried to place an order the week before Black Friday, the order was cancelled three times, each citing credit card problems. I tried two cards, both received the "error". Yet I used the same card immediately after that to order the items at Target, and no issues. Even created a new account with my husbands name...same problem. Customer service was no help. Still can't place a Walmart order. They lost A LOT of business from me.
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