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Errors in Item Listings? Missing items?


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If you see an error in an item listing or an item missing from a listing that has been typed up, post it in this thread and I or one of Brad's other helpers I will fix it in the listings.


For an error, please indicate the store first, then the item as listed, scan page number, then what is wrong.


For a missing item, please indicate the store first, the scan page number, then the item.


Please limit posts in this thread to this editorial issue, other threads are for discussion of items. Thanks.


Of course, if there is an error in the ads themselves, we can't do anything about that!  :yup:

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I could have missed it but I am not seeing the $5.00 Fisher Price infant toys in the Walmart ad when I try to add them to the Shopping List.


Thank you for all the work!!!!


I see that listed as "Fisher-Price Growing Baby Infant Toys" in the list.  (Maybe someone else added it this morning?)


Also, I forgot to ask people to indicate the scan page number in their posts, but have added that to my first post now.  It helps us find things quickly--especially if a listing is missing.

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