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Best Buy "Black Friday Vacationers" Tee Shirt Contest


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Now that the Gottadeal Tee shirt contests are over, here is a chance to win one of two Black Friday Vacationers Tee shirts, officially sponsored by Gottadeal!

The Gottadeal logo is proudly displayed on the back of the shirt, along with other sponsors who helped make this and the banner that was produced a reality.  The color being offered is gold, and the size will be your choice of either a large or XL.


Here is how it is going to work:


One shirt will be offered to the first person who catches us camping at Best Buy by walking up to us and saying, "Gottadeal sent me, where's my shirt?". You will be photographed with members of the Vacationers (at the banner)and the picture will be posted back here for all the members to see. Taz, a Gottadeal member who is already in the area from New York and will probably camp with us, is not eligible for a shirt. He will already be wearing the group's blue shirt.


The other shirt will be offered to the first person who can catch us camping at Best Buy via the news media outlets. Acceptable reports are official news stories featuring 2013 newscasts of our location and identifiable members in the story. The easiest ones are the national networks ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and even CNN. We have found our stories all over the country from 2010, 2011, and 2012. Post your link on this thread as quickly as possible. upon confirmation, We will get your address, and priority mail your shirt to you.


PS. There is another way to get a shirt. You can join us!


Let us know what you think of this promotion. have fun in the hunt! Many thanks to Brad for supporting us.



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