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Red Laser App and Price Matching


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I was at Kohl's last week  looking for a carpet cleaner,  and when I shop I like to use my Red Laser app or my Shop Savvy app, this way I know who has the best prices. Anyway the carpet cleaner I wanted was among the ones NOT on sale that week (of course) but when I scanned the bar code with my app it showed the price at K-Mart was $100 cheaper, so I was showing the salesman this pricing and jokingly said "DO you guys price match?" and he said YES!! I had no idea and I'm a GOLD kohl's CC user, lol.

So he said he would walk it to customer service with us and then told the clerk to ring this up with price matching and then they let me use my 30%!!! I couldn't believe it!

I wander if this is a "policy" with all Kohl's and if so would they match Black Friday ads??

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