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Kmart "the triple doorbuster"


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I work at kmart and  last week the paper that we print the sale signs came in for black Friday week and it looks like kmart will be doing three different sets of door busters again this year.

The only thing I am worried about with the store staying open all night is how they are going to do the  . Door busters will be offered at three different times, thanksgiving morning when the store open, thanksgiving night ( I don't know what time the night sale starts yet) and the third sale will be Friday morning. Last year it was easy to hand out tickets for the door busters because the store was closed before each of the door busters started so tickets were given to customers outside before the store open for each sale, that won't work this year since the store will already be open. Another thing is that kmart doesn't keep door busters wrapped in pallets or in the back of the store like walmart does until the sale starts, the only door busters that we don't have on the sales floor are tvs and some other electronics items.










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