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.50 Disney pens at walmart


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Passing this on from another board.




Super Wal Mart Lilburn GA on L'ville Hwy.

If you enter in the right doors at the self serve registers they have Disney Licensed pens that light up for only .50 cents. They were a $1, but are marked down. I thought that these would make great school exchange gifts. They had all of the princess', Mickey, Minnie, Woody, The Aliens from Toy Story, Donald Duck, Tigger, and Goofy. Those are just the ones that i could remember.

Perhaps it is all WalMarts.

Happy Shopping.

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Wouldn't you know I paid the $1 on BF?? Added stocking stuffer. I may go check my Walmart just to see if they were marked down. Would love to get the rest of the princesses.


If you have the time maybe you could see if they would price adjust? I would love to see their faces when you ask for a .50 PA. LMAO I think I would just to see what they would do.

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