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100 posts for a custom avatar?


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Worked in retail for 15 years, about every conceivable position, and hated every minute of it. Well, not every minute but it did suck. The customer is NOT always right!! Some of the stuff I read here, especially the BF stuff, makes me so happy I'm not in retail anymore. Finally got so fed up with it I told my boss where he could stick it and left, never to return again. :D


Now I'm self employed as a poolman and loving every day! :D

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Age = 35


Marital Status = married


Kids = yes. Two boys, 12 and 5. The love of my life!! :D


Broken bones = 1, fractured a bone in my elbow playing football way back when. Lots of road rash, though. :rwb:


Bizarre talents = nothing is coming to mind at the moment. :cheesy:


Foods that I love = Rocky Road ice cream! MMMmmmm!


I'm at 50 now! Not that anyone is reading these. :razz:


Ok, time for some more padding here.


Uhhh, Beavis.

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