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AV system selector?


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i've long since ran out of open plugs on my TV, and am looking to add another system... so i guess i need a system selector.


just need the cheapest (decent quality) option to handle 4+ systems.


saw one at target.com for 20, any way to get it cheaper than that? prefer stores that have b&m outlets around here, so i dont have to pay shipping :)

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Here are some options for online ordering:






I'd recommend the last one, from Sima, as they are more a more well-known company than the others. If you choose that one, be sure to order it from Amazon for $25.64 to get free shipping (see the "More Buying Choices" menu on the right).


You should be able to find these at any local Target/WalMart/Best Buy/Circuit City pretty easily, probably in the same $25-30 price range.

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