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GottaTalk Lounge Access & Other Forum Perks


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In order to get our forum users to become more active members, we have "bonuses" that you will receive once you have made 10 posts on these forums and have been a member for a little whilte. You will receive:

- the ability to create a custom title for yourself (instead of "Member")
- an increase in the number of private messages you can store

- access to the semi-private GottaTalk Lounge & sub-forums

We have an off-topic forum called the GottaTalk Lounge which will become accessible when you have been "promoted" by making 10 posts. The criteria for Lounge access may change from time to time. Once you have met the criteria for Lounge access, the forum will be automatically open to you. There are 2 sub-forums of the Lounge - Kids & Parenting and GD After Hours.


We hope that these incentives will lead to increased use of the forums which will benefit everyone. If you have any questions about these bonuses, please let us know.

Please note that members found to be posting frequently solely to gain these priviledges will face possible banning.

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Hello!  I have a question.  I am new and I was going to share a deal.  Do I have to wait a bit or do any special before posting it?  I was banned from another site for posting something without posting so many comments on other posts first or something like that.  I just don't want to break any rules here.  :)

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