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I sure wish, and others I'm sure, that the deal listings would have an alternative link for non-facebook users. I find facebook to be very intrusive and a total waste of time but I would still like to take advantage of some of the free listings via a link besides facebook.
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That I know but if GottaDeal would contact these companies and provide them with the total hits this app gets each day and tell them that a lot of people don't use fb then maybe they will realize a market they're not reaching.

Sorry Brad, I was referring to the freebies and samples.

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Oh, OK that makes more sense. Yeah the companies like to use FB because when you do these things, you end up advertising it to all your friends.


A lot of people make special FB accounts for contests only. Don't include any personal info, don't add friends (so you won't annoy them with updates about freebies you sign up for) and use it just for the free offers.

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