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Ripped Off at Ultimate Electronics


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I wanted a 42" Plasma TV but I knew Walmart and Best Buy was going to be mobbed so I thought I would check out Ultimate electronics since they had one for sale ($998 after rebate) and they open at a more reasonable hour (7:00 am). Half of the front page of the Ultimate Electronics ad was all about the TV that was on sale for 5 hours from 7:00 to noon. Well I arrived at around 5:30 am and there were only 3 people in line ahead of me (I should have figured that there is a reason no one shops at UE). In chatting with the people in line only one wanted the TV so I thought I was guaranteed to get one. Well, you can guess the rest. After waiting an hour and a half the doors opened I rushed in to get my TV to find out they only had one - yes one - for sale. It was common knowledge among all the sales people I talked to that Ultimate Electronics only sent one of the TVs per store for sale at that price. I was shocked and told them all they are going to get is a bad reputation for pulling such a scam. The sales person I talked to said they don't care since they only pull the scam once a year - inferrring they can get away with it. My bet is they will be in bankruptcy by spring.
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