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All Walmart Ads Not the Same


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I received my Walmart Ad in the mail today and so did my mother. We both live in Ohio but in different counties. Anyway, the prices in our ads for toys are totally different. The 5 to 11 am sales are the same but the insert with special buys, rollbacks, etc starting the same day are not. We called Walmart and they stated their pricing is determined by the store location and they will not honor the prices in my ad (which are cheaper) at the walmart near my mother. Just wanted to make everyone aware. Here are some examples:


Bratz Big Baby

My ad: 19.66 Her ad: 22.88


Dress and Dance Dora

My ad: 24.88 Her ad: 28.83


Magic Glow doodle Bear

My ad: 19.88 Her ad: 24.88


Dora Talking House

My ad: 44.87 Her ad: 54.88


This list could go on and on. The price differences range from $3 to $10.


Anyway, Have a great BF!!

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