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Memphis,TN Andy Wise-Get Smart!


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I'm sure Andy Wise is browsing this site and this post is just for him. I want him to "Get Smart".


I am in the Memphis, TN viewing area and when our news was aired at 10 PM last night I was excited at first when they mentioned this website. I have used this website for the past two years to plan my Black Friday shopping lists and have never been disappointed by false ads. I'd like to clear up some of the mistakes he made in his report.


Andy Wise reported that the site has posted regular prices of products in the lists and not the real Black Friday deals.


Some of the prices listed are every day prices. Why? Because retailers always list some items in the sale paper at the regular price in the midst of their sale items to pad the ad or to point out particular items. (Example: The Dora Kitchen listed in Walmart and many others that plainly say Every Day Low Price.) This does not make GottaDeal.com less honest. They are simply relaying the ad of the retailer as is. For you to insinuate that it did shows how uninformed you are of these sales and the practices of retailers.


Andy Wise said he printed the ads and took them to local stores and asked managers about them and they told him they were wrong.


Up until a certain date when the sale paper is due to be released, managers will not confirm anything as being in their Black Friday sale. They are instructed to do this. Take a look at the ads posted here once you receive them in the mail and then compare. You'll see the truth for yourself. I have already started getting ads and they match perfectly what is posted on this site, other than Walmart who decided to change prices in certain areas on the computers. The stores don't like these ads being "leaked". Of course they will deny the ads being correct.


Andy Wise stated that the Walmart ad was copied from Walmart.com.


The ad scan was posted here long before it was added to Walmart.com and many of us who had been watching the site know it. How can you copy something from a website before it is posted? The scan was posted quite some time before Walmart.com added it to their own site. You should have checked this to be a fact before falsely reporting it.



Andy Wise advised viewers to avoid this website.


For that, I am sure Brad is thankful. Speaking as someone who has experience in advertising--bad press is often the best press. I'm sure there has been a slight jump in traffic to this site due to your warnings. Want examples of bad press in action? Paris Hilton....Janet Jackson....2 Live Crew's Banned in the USA album back in the 80's. Bad press peaks curiosity and interest.


For anyone just visiting this site for the first time, the ads are correct. They were all correct last year. Managers cannot confirm this until the ads are officially released. If you're still leary, check them this year so you will know where to visit in 2006 to be prepared for Black Friday.




GottaDeal Loyal Fan,


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