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My last trip to Best Buy before Friday.. info I got..


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Talked to one of the guys there, he said he's hearing people saying they are going to be in line at midnight, so midnight it is for me. They are doing the tickets(of course) first come, first serve.


The lady with the digital cameras STILL won't tell me what I want to hear. I asked her, "So, any C360?" She told me they didn't have any at the moment. I said, "Well, if you have them advertised for Friday, will you have them?" She said, "Are they being advertised?" I told her online they were. She sort of grinned, and nudged me and said, "Well if they are online, I suppose we'll have them.. you know more then I do!". So my safest assumption is that they will have them.


I did a count on things. I counted 19 of the 27"Magnavox TV's. 20-ish of the 20" Insignia TV's. and NINE of the computers. They unplugged the display monitor, and I noticed one was magically gone off the display shelves and it's info was covered it. They had about 30 of the Insignia TV DVD combos.


I also wanted to mention this.. if you plan on buying the Kodak cameras, they have this little set sold seperately that includes a Kodak carrying case, backup rechargable batteries, AND the recharger to chage them for $40.00. I'm considering getting that too, or just putting it on my Christmas list.


Oh, and the DVD box sets. Looks like Friends, Sex and the City, West Wing, and they were still setting up more DVD displays but that's all I could see for that one.

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