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Any way around Kohls Rebate date?

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30 days is the average for most rebates. If you get longer, then you are getting a 'bonus', lol. Also, stores plan on rebates because most people don't send them (case in point). I always send my rebates within a week and then make sure I follow through. Also, make copies of everything in case they lose it (I've had to do that before). You can try to send it in, but it may come back rejected. There may be a phone number to call and explain (it never hurts to try). Good Luck with getting it done.
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I am returning 3 of the 4. I don't want them for $70 & they were Santa presents and someone told one of my boys I got them all tablets & he told the other boys. So I can't give them from Santa.

I will try sending in the one that I keep as I've got nothing to lose. I tried calling their number, but they're closed for the holidays.


Now to go emergency shopping for Santa gifts. I'm so frustrated, I had Santa done & didn't give it a second thought for a month!

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