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Looking for a tablet for hubby and teens`


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What looks good and is affordable, but not cheap made? Anything? I was thinking about the Kindle Fire HD..but they seem so small! Maybe I'm just used to my iPad I guess, but 7" doesn't look very big. Any other ideas? I'm so scared to go with a cheaper brand like Coby or Nexus..I bought my dh a Pandigital off QVC last year and it went belly up within a month of having it! Super awful reviews onit after I returned it for a refund. I know my dd's would like a front camera on it to skye with friends so thats important. But just thought the Kindle HD was small looking. Reviews??
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I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 its a 7 inch and has 2 cameras (front and rear) it also has a microsd slot so you can increase the memory. I have also heard good things about the Nexus 7 but it only has 1 camera and no sd slot.


If you want to go bigger, depending on how much you want to spend I highly recommend the Asus Transformer. DS16 got his last year for Xmas and this year I go the TF300 for myself. The Asus is a 10" tablet and has 2 cameras and a microsd slot. You can also get a docking station keyboard that works great and also when tablet is docked the battery life is extended.

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I'm with racerfan. I have the 10.1" Galaxy tab 2. I got the refurbished one from Walmart for $269 + $36 for the 2 year drop/spill/cracked screen plan. I noticed they dropped the New Galaxy 10.1 (not refurbished) to $299.99 but I'm not getting the option to buy the extended warranty on it when I put it into my cart.

Galaxy Tab 10.1"


My daughter originally wanted a Kindle Fire but after playing around with my Galaxy Tab 2 she now wants one also. She LOVES the front and back camera and has made several videos in just the week I've had it. Owning both the Galaxy Tab 2 and a Kindle Fire, I feel the Galaxy is so much more universal. I just bought my daughter the 7.0" refurbished Galaxy Tab 2 for $149 + $19 for the 2 year drop/spill/cracked screen plan.

Galaxy Tab 7.0"

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