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WANTED: Desktop w/ AMD 64 and barebones


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Must be an AMD 64 (2400, 2600, 2800 is just fine anything more is priced too high)


A flat screen would be nice (cause I need one) it is usually cheaper when packaged. 15 or 17 fine


Printer would be cool but not necessary at all.


Doesn't need an OS but Linspire or XP home would be ok.


CD burner... atleast read DVDs


256-512 MB RAM


40 GB HD atleast prefer 80 GB


In a tower that has room for upgrades.


I am trying to find something for under $350 shipped. If it has Linspire then under $250 or with extra ram etc.


Anyone know where I can find something like this?





P.S. I have heard emachines has many problems so I hope to find something other than one of them.

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