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FREE Live Camera Feed of Santa’s Reindeer


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Watching those reindeer really gets me into the holiday spirit.  :)  


How do you get on the Reindeer Nice List?


The Nice List returns on Monday, November 17th. So here’s the scoop on getting on the Nice List…

There are now FOUR ways to get on the list:


1) Write a letter to Santa
Anyone that sends a letter to Santa gets on the list. Please send your letters to:

4593 Wren Dr.
Caledonia, MI 49316


Santa can respond to your letter! (COMING SOON) You will need to fill out the Santa Letter Form ($5 per letter). All responses are on North Pole letterhead with Santa’s official gold foil seal.


2) Review the ReindeerCam App
Find the App you downloaded in the App Store (Apple App Store or Android Play Store etc) and write a review. Then, simply send an e-mail to [email protected] formatted like this:

Subject: [Your App Store User Name]
Body: [The names you would like to add]

Don’t have the App yet? You can get it here: Apple, Android (update coming soon) & Windows


3) Donate to the Reindeer Fund
Anyone that donates to the Reindeer Fund has the option of adding names to the Nice List. The donation button can be found on our homepage. Make sure that before you confirm your donation (page after your CC info) you select ‘Add special instructions for the Recipient’ to give us the name(s) you would like to add.


4) Join the Nice List Club (COMING SOON)

This year we’re introducing the BRAND NEW Nice List Club. Joining The Nice List Club is the only way for your name to show up on the Nice List Ticker that can be seen on the live cam… And that’s not all you get! You will also receive a special display folder that includes a letter from Santa on his official letterhead and a club card with your name on it (see image above). This option will be available later this week; we’ll let you know when we’re ready to go!

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