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See's Candies Count Down to Christmas


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I was going to put this on the Sweepstakes board but can't find that anywhere


See's Candies is doing a Count Down to Christmas Sweepstakes. On a separated link . It does link back to their official site but not the other way around and is not even listed in their Press section. Weird.


Anyway, between Nov 23 - Dec 25 . Enter your information to be in the drawing.

1. Grand Prize - A life time of See's Candies . :eek: ( Gift cards totals to $6,500. Wowzer . Which mean you can have 1 box of 1 pound candies per month for the next 30 years). Mom is a fan of one of their candies.


2. They also got a drawing of daily prize and 1007 winner total of gift cards ranging from $5 - $100.



Here is the link : http://www.seescountdowntochristmas.com/#

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