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Sports "walkman" w/ cassette

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My "walkman" recently died on me and I need a replacement. I would be VERY interested in any deals on a sports style personal cassette player. I plan on using it when I go running so something designed for active use is preferred.



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Welcome to the forums, harryhood.


While I look for a deal, check out this Pricegrabber listing and see if any of these models catch your eye. If you have a particular model I might be able to find a better deal on it:




Do you definitly want one of the "sport" models? Because it looks like if so, Sony is pretty much the only manufacturer still making them.

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No tax for CT on Amazon...


In the past I know that Panasonic made great cassette models with their "Shockwave" line. They currently only make radio-only and CD models though. Here are some places that still carry the older Shockwave cassette models:


RQ-SW48V - http://shop.store.yahoo.com/discountsonline/parqshporawi.html

RQ-SW48V - http://www.millionbuy.com/panrqsw48v.html

RQ-SW99V - http://www.1-877camcorder.com/cammy/pansw99v.html


You might be better of looking on eBay for these particular models.


Otherwise you have the Sony S2 Sport models, of which I can't really find any deals on. They are all pretty much the same price whether you get one online or in a local store (Best Buy, CC, Target, etc...)





Hopefully someone can find a better deal... Otherwise that first RQ-SW48V I linked to wouldn't be a bad deal depending on what they charge for shipping.

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Thanks for all the links. I'll have to dig through them.


It's really gotta be a "sports" style cassette player. I don't have a set budget, but I want a high quality model that will last and won't break if falls on the ground once and a while. My last sony (the yellow sports) walkman lasted for over 6 years of heavy and pretty abusive use.


I'm off to search the links you guys provided. :yelclap:

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