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$129 Amazon Kindle Buyers..from Amazon - BEWARE OF PACKAGING!

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I just wanted anyone who has not gotten theirs yet, to know that Amazon did not put mine in a box. They just slapped a label on it as-is, and shipped it. THANK GOODNESS I happened to get home before my kids, as 2 "Kindle Fire" boxes sat right on my front porch, the the product name right on the outside. So.....if they are a surprise for anyone in your household, make sure you get to the mail first! My 2-day one was shipped in brown cardboard box, but the two that I got from other accounts just came the same way they would had I walked out of a local store with one!
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Yes, I was going to post , but I forgot, If you want your kindle put into 2 boxes, select it is a gift and it will be put into a separate box, otherwise the shipping label is put on the kindle box itsself. One man over on teh amazon forums, threw such a fit a couple of weeks ago, he took pictures and said they damaged his gift and he actually sent it back and called amazon and reordered it. Amazon has always done this. It's part of their green program.


I wonder if the gift option is chosen if they package it in another box besides not registering it.

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