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Black Friday Week Webcasts


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Black Friday week is here and that means more webcasts. Below is our webcast schedule for this week and for our post game show. If technology works right some of the webcasts will be from the parking lot of a big blue store. If technology does not work right the webcast will be from my bunker near by. I do camp with tons of friends so I can do this. The webcasts will be for 1 hour (2 hours on both Saturdays) so everyone can ask all the Black Friday questions you want.


Sunday - Nov 18 - 7pm CT

Monday - Nov 19 - 7pm CT

Tuesday - Nov 20 - 7pm CT

Wednesday - Nov 21 - NO WEBCAST

Thursday - Nov 22 - NO WEBCAST

Friday Nov 23 - NO WEBCAST

Saturday Nov 24 - 7pm CT - Black Friday Post Game Show


Webcast Link: https://new.livestream.com/gottadeal


Webcast Time Chart


UTC – 1:00AM Sunday

Eastern – 8:00PM

Central – 7:00PM

Mountain – 6:00PM

Pacific – 5:00PM

Alaska – 4:00PM

Aleutian Islands – 3:00PM

Hawaii – 3:00PM

Guam – 11:00PM


And for our friends in…..


Spain – 2:00AM Sunday

Japan – 10:00AM Sunday

Israel – 3:00AM Sunday

India - 6:30AM Sunday

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I'll be there tonight! Why did the Wed, Thurs, Fri webcasts get cancelled?

There weren't webcasts scheduled for those nights. Here is the full schedule: http://forums.gottadeal.com/showthread.php?267059-Black-Friday-Webcast-Thread-Details-Schedule-amp-More


Most people will either be shopping in stores those nights or will be waiting for the online sales to start, and there will be plenty of chatting going on here on the forum when that happens.

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