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Look for Mario and Sonic at winter olypics London and Beijing


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Best Buy had London for $17.99 the other day as a daily deal. Obviously not available now, but it shows they are marking it down, so it will most likely be in the game sales. TRU and Amazon do lots of B1G1 40% and sometimes 50% off. Usually newer games are not excluded in those sales. Keep an eye out for those sales or more Best Buy markdowns. Edited by angleyez423
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TRU has their B1G1 40% off sale right now. London is in it but they don't have Beijing. That game is pretty old and is going to be hard to find new. You are probably going to get your best deal used on that one. Gamestop does lots of promotions with used games. They have it online for $20, use code CAG16 for 16% off (only works on used) and it comes down to $16.79. Amazon warehouse deals also has it (used) for $13.76 (free shipping with Prime/SS). They stand by their used games the same as other products. I also see a couple used on ebay for similar prices, at least you'll know the condition of the exact one you'll get there (manual included or not, etc.). Also check your local craigslist. We have Beijing and my husband hates it, but we play Vancouver all the time and just got London. If it weren't for keeping the whole series ours would have been posted on CL. Mario games are one of the few series that keep their value.
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