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Point and shoot camera for a teenager


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My daughter is wanting a point and shoot camera for christmas. Any suggestions. She is a beginner at photography and just wants something to learn, have fun with her friends and family with the camera. There are so many out ther and not sure what ones are the easiest and click and shoot. I got myself one this past summer and it taks a while to shoot between pictures and I really am not happy with it, so guessing my choices are not very good at this... Any help is greatly appreciated..... Thanks so much....
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noproblem. My Daughter14 has a Sony (she got it 2 years ago for her birthday) she loves is and uses it alot along with her phone. My Son now 16 got an Olympus about 4 years ago but never uses it. Prefers his phone.


Thank you so much... any information is great for me.. this is not my area.. lol.. thanks again..

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